Friday, February 13, 2015

Tip your florist's delivery driver!❤

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  If you're expecting flowers, or even if there is a remote chance you may get flowers, keep a few bucks near the door.  Don't go cheap on the delivery person.

❤❤Share the LOVE ❤❤

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tips on cleaning your computer monitor

Warren Buckleitner of the New York Times has some great advice in today's Gadgetwise column about the right way to clean your iPad He gives instructions on iPad cleaning that is important.

Plus, additional information on cleaning your computer monitor and the like:

"For grime on older, regular glass screens, DVDs, keyboards, mice and handheld game systems, make your own home-brew a cleaning solution for a small fraction of the price of store-bought mixtures.

"Flush out the nozzle of an empty pump-spray bottle with distilled water. Fill about halfway with a 50/50 mix of pure alcohol and distilled water, both available at your local drugstores. If you have a stubborn spot, like a crayon mark, use more solution and wipe longer; don’t press. Each manufacturer has its own guidelines, so read the manual before using this on any gadget."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

eBay Customer Service .... NOT

One would think that the behemoth eBay would be able to get their customer service together. What a joke.

I purchased a $8.99 product feature on their "Deal of the Day" last month. A set of over-the-door swivel hangers. No charge for shipping.

A longtime believer of "you get what you pay for" I knew this was not going to be the most attractive or substantial closet organizer I'd ever own, but I hoped it would at least hold my collection of Pashmina scarves in place. Hmmm, no. After having to put it together (no mention of 'assembly required' in the item description" the darn thing kept falling apart. The arms would slip off, and my scarves along with them.

After three failed attempts at contacting the seller I resorted to the eBay Resolution Center. Follows is the communication. I've deleted certain identifying words.

From eBay

We're sorry there's a problem with your purchase. We've received your information and we'll contact the seller about your issue and get back to you by Mar 18, 2010. If you are able to work things out with the seller, please close this case in the Resolution Center.

Details you've provided:
Problem: The item is not as described
You have tried contacting the seller
You paid on Feb 28, 2010
You contacted the seller through eBay Messages
The item is damaged
The seller has not responded to you
The seller isn't working with you to solve the problem
You entered the phone number of "111-222-5555"
We will not share your phone number with the seller.

Additional information:
"It does not stay together, the arms fall off. I sent two emails via Ebay and one via their customer service email. Three emails in four business days and no response"

You want:
A full refund

Hi ClutterFairy,

Have you heard from the seller about this case yet? If you haven't, please contact eBay Customer Support so we can help.

If you were able to work this out with the seller, please go to the Resolution Center and close this case. You can also view the details of this case in the Resolution Center.


eBay Customer Support has made a final decision. You can view the details of this case in the Resolution Center.
This case was decided in your favor.
You must ship the item with tracking information and submit the tracking information in the Resolution Center. Once the item has been delivered to the seller, you will be issued a full refund. The seller's shipping address and shipping instructions are available in the Resolution Center. Please remember to submit your tracking information by Mar 26, 2010.

Message: Case #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am trying to reach the person who told me to ship back the item to the seller for the refund. Shipping it back will cost more than the item itself. I want a refund for the shipping.

Dear ClutterFairy,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the cost of returning back the item for a full refund. I am more than happy to help you with that. In order for you to receive a refund you need to return the item. I understand why you would be frustrated in having to pay to ship the item back to the seller when it was not as described. It would be great customer service for the seller to cover the cost and we do encourage it but, we can?t force them to do so. Unfortunately, it is the industry
standard that the customer pays for return shipping when returning an item. It would be the same scenario with any company - it is the customers responsibility to get the item back to the seller. However, you may ask the seller to shoulder it or split the cost. I would suggest that you contact seller for by doing this, you would be able to get direct and immediate response from seller about return shipping cost refund.

Should you have further question please don't hesitate to contact us.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay.

Marvelyn L.

eBay Customer Support

March 20
Re: Case #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Received: Mar-20-10
From: eBay Customer Support Expires: Mar-20-11

The seller never responded to any of my three emails; why would they respond to this request? Maybe I will try the PayPal buyer protection and see if their policy is any fairer

It will be interesting to see if the seller responds to the negative feedback I left


Dear ClutterFairy,

Thank you for contacting eBay in regards to item in dispute. It can create a very frustrating experience when an item arrives differently than described in the listing. I can assure you eBay is just as interested in resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

I understand your concern in returning the item. I would like to reassure you by saying we have already found this case in your favor. At this point we are simply waiting to confirm the item is returned to the seller. Once we are able to confirm delivery back to the seller we will
be able to issue you a full refund for your item.

It is important that you send the item back with tracking information that is verifiable online and that you upload the tracking information to the case within 7 days of our decision. Please keep in mind that the case will be closed automatically and no refund will be issued if tracking information is not added to the case within that time. Also, if the purchase price of this item was over $250 you will need to get signature confirmation for the shipment.

Here are the steps to upload tracking information:

1. Hover over ?Help? in the top right corner of the page
2. Select ?Resolution Center? from the drop-down menu
3. Click "Take Action" to the right of the case
4. Click the blue ?Respond to case? button
5. After selecting ?Provide a tracking number?, click on ?Enter tracking number?
6. Input the tracking number and shipping carrier (such as UPS, Fedex,
etc.) into the relevant boxes
7. Click "Submit"

We appreciate your patience and cooperation and thank you for being a valuable member of the eBay community. I am confident you will be able to quickly resolve this situation and I look forward to assisting you with your many future eBay transactions.

Brett G.

Are these people for real? I left a negative feedback for the seller. It's not worth my time to send it back. I'll eat the $9 and change (I was charged tax as it was a Florida seller) and people ready the feedback.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In the cold

South Florida is under siege - by dropping temperatures. My closet has been turned upside down as I dig out the wool socks, shirts and leggings I normally save for trips north. As I haven't been north during the winter in a long time, it was a deep dig.

I know I had some stylish thermal-type underwear...really thin stuff you can wear under a dress or shirt. No clue as to where it went. ..maybe my daughter's room?

I need my gloves. I need new boots. I need to be warm so my fingers can type again!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Buy American

This came in an email today:

One light Bulb at a Time

A physics teacher in high school, once told the students that while one grasshopper on the railroad tracks wouldn't slow a train very much, a billion of them would. With that thought in mind, read the following, obviously written by a good American.

I was in Lowes the other day for some reason and just for the heck of it I was looking at the hose attachments. They were all made in China . The next day I was in Ace Hardware and just for the heck of it I checked the hose attachments there. They were made in USA . Start looking.

In our current economic situation, every little thing we buy or do affects someone else - even their job. Let's do this!

My grandson likes Hershey's candy. I noticed, though, that it is marked made in Mexico now. I do not buy it any more. My favorite toothpaste Colgate is made in Mexico now. I have switched to Crest. You have to read the labels on everything.

This past weekend I was at Kroger. I needed 60 W light bulbs and Bounce dryer sheets. I was in the light bulb aisle, and right next to the GE brand I normally buy was an off brand labeled, "Everyday Value. " I picked up both types of bulbs and compared the stats - they were the same except for the price.. The GE bulbs were more money than the Everyday Value brand but the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that GE was made in MEXICO and the Everyday Value brand was made in - get ready... the USA in a company in Cleveland , Ohio

So throw out the myth that you cannot find products you use every day that are made right here.

So on to another aisle - Bounce Dryer Sheets . . . yep, you guessed it, Bounce cost more money and is made in Canada . The Everyday Value brand was less money and MADE IN THE USA ! I did laundry yesterday and the dryer sheets performed just like the Bounce Free I have been using for years and at almost half the price!

My challenge to you is to start reading the labels when you shop for everyday things and see what you can find that is made in the USA - the job you save may be your own or your neighbors!

If you accept the challenge, pass this on to others in your address book so we can all start buying American, one light bulb at a time! Stop buying from overseas companies!

(We should have awakened a decade ago .. . . . . . )

. . Please help our fellow Americans keep their jobs and create more jobs here in the USA !